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    Buried in the deep walls of a cave, a nine-hundred-year-old
    prophecy of twin phase comes to light at a time Enu and
    Gasa kingdoms are in dispute over ownership of an encrypted
    Gold Scepter. The prophecy portends a looming
    doomsday for both kingdoms on its second phase. But are
    they helpless to avoid it? Idika has a thrilling answer
    after fulfilling the first phase of The Twin Prophecy.
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From The Promoting Team

Our Web Series (Click Here)

Idika Book Series inspired a web series anchored by the author. Each episode dissects carefully a selected way of life, still in existence or not, of African people. You can be a part of this idea via sponsorship or donations; help project more of Africa's core values. Created by Green Models Interactive Solution (GMIS) for Idika Series.


Kindly click the left/right arrows on the image to see more illustrations. The illustrations herein are only for the purpose of advertisement and promotion of this novel, and merely reflects the setting and characters the author portrayed in this work. Illustrations by Green Models Interactive Solution (GMIS) for Idika Series.

The First Book In The Series

We saved this copy as a vintage reminder of how far we've come - from the very first sample copy produced in 2013, through five long years of intensive scrutiny, painful criticism, tireless editing and satisfactory reviews, gaining us the desired output. Thanks to everyone who worked patiently with us to achieve this masterpiece.

The Author

Born in Lagos-Nigeria, Anthony N. Ukwa, also known by his pen name Ohafia Prince, is a fiction writer who began as an oral storyteller. He won prizes for his interesting tales. His prefered genre is historical suspense. He is perceived by many as the new African storytelling voice.